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  • Genres:
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Zombie Apocalypse is not a new theme for cinema, but the writers and Directors continue to work with it. This series is another version of what can happen to the planet, if it will be bloodthirsty and vile zombies...
a Few years ago on Earth a wave of an unknown virus that turned people into zombies. Spread this infection very quickly, and come up with a vaccine against it no one could, at least then. Now the planet is filled with monsters, and healthy people are almost gone. Only a small group of lucky ones managed to somehow miraculously avoid meeting with bloodsuckers and stay in a healthy body. Among them there is a person with unique immunity. If you examine it and study what is in its body that can withstand a terrible virus, you can create a vaccine. But you need to take the man in the only surviving in the country the lab. This means that the survivors will have to overcome a great distance to get to the right place, without falling into the hands of zombies and not infected ...

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