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The history of the Japanese anime series "Yuri Kuma Arashi" began at a time when from the depths of space at a dangerous distance to our planet approached the asteroid, which earth scientists gave the name Kumaria. There was no collision, the heavenly guest shattered into thousands of small pieces and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. But when the meteor shower rained down on Earth, a real nightmare began.nnAll the earth bears, before to avoid possible contact with people, stood on his hind legs, became very aggressive and started a real war against the people. After all, we began to imagine for them nothing but food. Perhaps, this was the most a brutal and bloody butchery, engulfed the whole world. And it was not clear what race will be the winner, completely destroying his opponent. People began to live a little quieter only after they were fenced off from man-bears by a huge "wall of extinction".nnThe main heroine of the anime, Tsubaki Kurachi studying at the Academy of Arashigoto. She has a close friend of Sumika. One ordinary morning the girls were enjoying the view of lilies in the school garden when the bear alarm sounded. This meant that the enemy tried to storm the wall of extinction. Soon the all-clear signal of danger, but strangely the same day at the Academy, two new student – Ureiro Ginko and Lulu, Yagasaki. They look like ordinary girls, but who are they really?

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