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Events heroic anime series "Yuki Yuna is a Hero" belong to the 300th year Of the era of the Gods. As always, with the world's evil, fighting the usual (at first glance) Japanese schoolgirl. That's only when they activate a special application in their smartphones, it turns into a ruthless warrior, each with its own weapons and the ability to attract various combat creatures.nnThe main character of the anime Yuki yuna. She always wanted to help people. But, to a certain point led the life of a second high school Sansu. The only entertainment was her adventures in the school of "Heroic club", which included her peers – Memory and Itsuki, and also anxious to serve humanity. And then one day everything changed.nnIn a dazzling flash of light, the familiar world burned down, and the heroines were moved to a mysterious forest. The President of the Club, Fu Inubosaki knows what happened: they are here called upon to confront the monster Vertex. The villain decided to destroy The world Tree, which will lead to the death of the world. Our heroines have a lot of opportunities to show their military qualities and enjoy real adventures of universal scale. After all, the fate of humanity is at stake.