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One of the Airliners, moving across the Pacific ocean crashes. On Board were 48 people and all managed to survive. The truth here is they were on a desert island and they will have to work very hard if they want to wait for assistance or not being eaten by wild animals. People who are accustomed to civilization it all seems savagery. But what to do, you need to try to survive somehow. However, not everyone thought so, and many believed that it is better to sit still and wait until they come or notice them. But the best friends turned out to be among the embroidered all seemed much more interesting. they approached the matter with enthusiasm and decided that who else but they will be able to learn all the secrets of life on a deserted island and will not give the rest? The guys decided that they could become great leaders and are already preparing to make a few dozen discoveries and teach all these those clumsy and lazy people who came to this island with them. Only you are willing to submit to others so restless guys who only think about their superiority over the other? What they'll all be on this island and how long you guys will feel the leaders? They've been through a lot, and it's not like it's over, will they stay here forever?

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