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There are crimes with which to understand have not a day or two, but years and sometimes even decades. The story revolves around the death of Frank Olson, which occurred in 1953. The man fell out of the window of the hotel" Statler " staying in the room that was on the tenth floor. Falling down, he remained alive for a few minutes until he died on the spot, and did not wait for the ambulance. The official version, according to the police, that examined the room and the body, sounds like suicide. But soon they figured out who Frank Olson really was. He was a scientist who had a direct relationship with the CIA and it expanded the number of versions of his death, and due to the fact that different detectives have decided to insist on different options, a single solution has not appeared. Suicide, accidental death, or targeted murder, and there's not a single piece of evidence to pinpoint one thing. Only two decades later, when the investigation of his father's death is taken by his own son, it turns out that Olson was among the scientists that tested the effect of LSD, at the time of his invention. This could be the reason for his jump out of the window, so the government immediately writes a check in the amount of 750 thousand dollars to his family. But Frank's son settles down, saw the reports and analyses, and not have any other drugs. Moreover continuing to dig deeper, man seeking permission to get out of the ground the remains of her father and to see them again. At the same time he finds in the skull a noticeable trace of a blow with a blunt object, which was not listed in any of the protocols and conclusions. Now it becomes clear that Frank Olson was killed, but who and why, and why it is so hard to hide from all the authorities themselves.