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From time immemorial, half-humans have lived among us. Most of the time they kept human form, but sometimes turned into animals. For example, werewolves wolves, it happened in the full moon. Here is and Smiths, living in a small provincial town, are such werewolves. Once in addition to them in this territory there were other poluvolki, but were tracked down and destroyed.nnThe Smiths have to be very careful not to put their lives at risk. They do it quite well, although the neighbors find it strange their great love for chickens, and the physical strength of each family member is simply remarkable. But who among us is without flaws. Smith's daughter Maddie's in high school. Relationships with classmates she did not add up. Because of its prospering nature girl eschews ordinary people.nnOne day at school, there is a new student, Regan. Maddie from the very beginning of acquaintance feels that in the boy lives a soul mate. And indeed, soon it turns out, that he marked by a wolf's blood. Young people start spending a lot of time together. During the day they see each other at school, and when the full moon rises in the sky, the two of them in animal form rush away from the civilized world.

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