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The historical past is a fertile field for series builders. The creators of the new TV show "Wolf Hall"could not ignore it. Fortunately, for the development of the script they did not have to swallow the archive dust. For them it was made by the writer Hilary Mantel, who created two historical novels - "Bring the body" and, in fact," the Wolf hall", from which the series got its name. The book takes us to England at the beginning of the XVI century.nnSpecifically, the yard 1520-th year. The country is growing a sense of impending dynastic catastrophe. The ruling monarch, Henry VIII for two decades, is a legitimate and blessed by the Church marriage with Catherine of Aragon. However, during all this time, the wife bore him no heir. The life of Henry, too, is not eternal, and if he goes to another world, and did not pass the English throne to his son, in a country with a high probability it will ignite a civil war. The monarch has the idea to divorce Catherine and marry the young beauty Anna Boleyn.nnThese plans of Henry VIII are opposed not only by European rulers, but also by the Pope himself. On the side of the king stands Thomas Cromwell-an ambitious adventurer, which incredibly combines idealism and nihilism. But, what kind of payment will he require for his help?

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