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In the center of the plot of the TV series " Vault 13 "the story of two special agents Pete Latimer and Mickey Bering, caught in a secret protected by the us authorities object called"Vault 13". Here two worlds are absolutely harmoniously combined: the world of fantasy and the supernatural, as well as the world of physics along with scientific research. It is in this secret place the US government sends only the best of the best. Such were the heroes of the TV series themselves, who fell into the Vault 13 is not accidental. Pete, scientists have discovered a unique sixth sense, which has repeatedly predicted his future as he expected. In turn, Mika was a woman with a strong-willed, impenetrable character, which was very difficult to anger. It is these key features of each of them became the key to the entrance to the secret, guarded place where no ordinary person has gone before. Having visited the Store, they witness the latest developments and unusual inventions. Thanks to its special gift, the main characters will have to experience the action of some magical artifacts that hide the secrets and fantastic phenomena. The heroes themselves will not just reveal more and more new puzzles, completely immersed in the world and its some fabulous reality. But they do not realize that in fact has prepared for them a destiny and what is truly their purpose in the hands of a secret Storage room 13.

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