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Bahar from childhood meets with difficulties that are difficult to overcome even for adults who have a huge life experience. At her eight years of age, being a cheerful and still happy child, she encounters betrayal for the first time, which deeply wounds her, leaving a scar on her heart for the rest of her life. Her mother abandons the family and disappears forever from the life of girls. Bahar education is now engaged in her father and grandmother, but it turns out that both of them do not stay long in this world and alternately leave, leaving the girl herself. From that moment on, she realizes that her fate is only in her hands. No one will come and hug her, will not hold her, will not offer help, will not advise what to do. Bahar is alone and in this world she has no more relatives. Soon, however, when the girl is almost reconciled with the idea that will forever remain a loner, there is SARP, educated young man who begins to show sympathy for her. At first, Bahar does not believe the sincerity of his feelings, because she has almost lost faith in people, but the persistent, restrained and always gallant SARP convinces her that there are still worthy people in this world, and one of them is also in love with her. The couple all goes well, the girl gives birth to her lover two strong boys, whom they lovingly bring up together. But fortunately they are lucky not to be eternal or at least prolonged, very soon SARP dies and leaves Bahar one. Of course, she has children, but she finds little joy in them, because once again she loses the person closest to her. Unexpectedly, however, on the horizon emerges a familiar to her personality that was once part of her family. Bahar finds her mother, but what she needs from her daughter and what their meeting will lead to can only guess.

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