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The protagonist of the story — a police officer named Robert, who knows his duties. He always regularly and skillfully performed all the tasks, but one single mistake significantly crippled the hero. The high-profile trial of one important case required testimony from the witness, which was to be decisive and put an end to all disputes, sending behind bars really innocent people. Robert was assigned to protect this man, and he failed. His client was shot, which literally crossed out the entire track record of the hero. He himself understands this, so he leaves the police, and with it the city, going to live in the hinterland. But even a change of scenery does not relieve him of the burden of error that burdens him day by day. As if the lifeline is an unexpected proposal from the old boss of the hero. He is asked to return to the bodies and to undertake a similar task, but this time the protection requires not one person but a whole family. Robert feels an unprecedented responsibility and a bit of fear, worried that it did not end like the first time. Soberly assessing the situation, he understands that if he copes with the task, he will return to work with a new influx of faith in his own strength, but if he fails — this will be the final point, not only in his career, but perhaps in life.

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