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Is a person who spent most of his conscious life in isolation able to adapt to the rhythm of life in a big city? It's not as easy to do as it seems at first glance. The heroine of the series "Unbending Kimmy Schmidt" by chance was in such a situation. Eighth-grader Kimberly Schmidt became an unwitting member of the sect, the founder of which predicted the post-nuclear Apocalypse to mankind. In anticipation of the disaster, the sectarians were in an underground bunker, being completely isolated from the outside world. Kimmy and her fellow sufferers believe that life on Earth is over, and you need to adapt to a new life in the dungeon. The familiar, but dark world of sectarians collapses in an instant: rescuers find an underground bunker and help the recluses to get to the surface. Kimmy is surprised to find that on the surface still the sun is shining, and full of life. However, this is not a young eighth – grader from Indiana-Kimberly turned into an interesting 29-year-old girl who is not adapted to the outside world. Kimmy makes an unexpected decision, she does not want to return to his homeland, she wants to start a new life in new York. A huge metropolis lives its own life, is the girl ready to get used to the frantic pace of the big city, because she spent most of her life in four walls, communicating with religious fanatics? It turns out! Good temper girl helps her quickly converge with interesting people. For example, she met with Lillian, who agreed to rent a room to a new friend. Neighbor Kimmy is a black actor Titus: a loser who wants to Shine on Broadway. She finds a job: arranged a babysitter and an AU pair to a well-known socialite Jacqueline. In General, life is improving, but the city is fraught with so much entertainment, which Kimmy was deprived, having spent the best years underground. So she decides to break away to the fullest, having tried everything in the world. The series "unbending Kimmy Schmidt" offers viewers to follow the adventures of the heroine, whose life is suddenly filled with events. However, Kimberly remained in the soul of the former naive girl, will this character trait play a cruel joke in the future? After all, the world consists not only of good people. The series can be watched for free and in good quality. Unobtrusive humor and life situations that occur on the screen will help viewers pass more than one evening.

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