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Tutankhamun was still a child when he had to come to the throne of the great state – Egypt. To force such a young age he did not know how should use their power for the good of the people, so he came to the aid of the Regent, ay. Under his leadership, the boy grew up and learned to be cruel in power, not to make any compromises. Despite all the efforts of Pharaoh, his subjects did not take him seriously. For them he was just a boy, not able to stand up for his state. a Special pain young Tutankhamun was caused by the fact that his Queen saw him as just a boy, and no one else. However, in a short time in the life of Pharaoh came true love. He met a girl who could see in him the true warrior and believed in him, in his power and strength. She gave confidence to the hero, thanks to her, he realized that his people need a real warrior who can stand up for his people. Tutankhamun had the spirit and courage to stand at the head of the army and go to the defense of the people. In the meantime, people who are young Pharaoh ever trusted, turned out to be the real traitors. Through their fault began to die people who sincerely believed in the power and might of the Pharaoh.

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