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The film takes place in the future - in 2030. In this time detectives reveal the most complex crimes with the help superpowers. A group of detectives, under the leadership of Kogoro, aceti, finds guy Yoshio Kobayashi, who is able not only to quickly regenerate, but immortal. Such a person can not be missed, it can be used to successfully complete a lot of things, especially those that are deadly. Yoshio agrees to join the team, thereby causing a conflict between the villain Dvadtsatilikogo Demon and Kogoro, aceti. Begins the struggle for life and death. The strongest and the most cunning will win.nnThe series, filmed on the eponymous book by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, will consist of six episodes. It's about the end of the world. Demon Crowley gets an important task-to deal with the Apocalypse. Demon along with other Aziraphale need to get to the hospital of the monastery, which belongs to the Satanic chattering Order of St. Beryl, and find the son of the Antichrist. They need to replace the child to prepare for the Apocalypse.nnCrowley with the acceptance I understand that if I fail this mission, the outcome will be plachenov, not only for people but also for themselves. On reflection, they conclude that the Antichrist has neither good nor evil side. He is a kind of neutral being who has not yet chosen any path. What the Antichrist will become depends on his social influence. Friends come to the decision – to stop the Apocalypse, raising the baby in his own way. They steal a baby without knowing they've mixed up the baby... nnIn the hospital, another boy is born, whom one of the nuns Mary Tarator is attached to a poor family. There he gets the name Adam Jung, parents instill love and a sense of justice without knowing who is brought up in reality. When Slowly with acceptance they learn that a substitute is not that child until the day of judgment is too little time…

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