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Tokyo is engulfed in a wave of bloody murders. When the scale of what is happening exceeds all reasonable limits, it becomes clear that this is not the work of human hands. People are killed by ghouls-monsters eating human flesh. Outwardly they are indistinguishable from people, but inside are bloodthirsty creatures with incredible force and brutality.nnKen Kaneko at University, time he is spending smart books, but also newspaper scrolls down, so know about ghouls. Only he does not know that soon he will have to face such a monster. Ken meets a cute girl Rice: she is his age, they have the same interests, so young people quickly converge. But on one of the dates it turns out the terrible truth-Rise is a drone. She pounces at the young man to eat him.nnKen could still cope with a girl-monster, but in a fight with her, he gets seriously injured. When a guy is taken to the hospital, surgeons find nothing better than to change Ken's damaged stomach, using this organ taken from the dead ghoul. The peculiarity of this stomach is that it can only digest human meat. After this tuning, the Kaneko will be able to live?

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