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The last year of high school before graduation is a period not only of hemming the tails and catch-up gaps in knowledge in order to successfully pass the exams. It is also a time of melancholy memories of the careless years of childhood, the time of making decisions that will determine the future, the time of sad thoughts about the coming parting with friends. This is only the head tomorrow graduate araragi busy with other things.nnJust Doing before experiences that immersed his classmates. After all, swarming around him, a supernatural entity, he is forced to exist in some surreal circumstances, and the mysteries of existence, over each of which fought the greatest philosophers and theologians of humanity, just dropping the kid on his head without asking him permission. What a nostalgia, what a planning for the future!nnWhile others are poring over the notes, Araragi, along with a strange girl named Osino, start searching for a class that is marked on the school plan, but is not in our space-time continuum. If the hero manages to get into this dimension, he will be able to get answers to many puzzles from his past and shed light on his own tomorrow.