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The series shows the distant future of the Earth, and not quite good ... when the world began to reign differences, people produced a huge amount of nuclear, chemical and other dangerous weapons, some people mutated, and the rest just died. However, even after such drastic changes the world did not stop and many wars began. The world plunged into evil. Because of the next wave of explosions there was a change in the geography of the Earth, after which the world split into 4 parts. In the West, began to live the elves, the North was populated by the trolls, the East chose the gnomes and the dwarves, and the South took the survivors. And each group of beings is constantly at war with each other. between 4 kingdoms housed citadel Paranor, where have become flourish druids, philosophers and wizards. During the war, people were able to form a military conglomerate Federation that supports and provokes war against the other 3 races. After the organization of sexual equality, the number of troops of the Federation began to increase constantly. After conducting the great battles of the elves began to establish with people diplomatic relations. The earth has a hope to be reborn again. However, will the egoistic human nature allow the planet to be reborn in the manifestation in which it was before…

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