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We have become accustomed to the fact that people with psychic abilities, magicians, witches and other sorcerers live among us. They can be many things: to see the past and the future, read minds, look to move objects. And even talk to the dead. Someone believes in the uniqueness of these people, someone considers them charlatans, magicians. That's only one of this brother did not venture to say that could raise the dead.nnAnd the hero of the American series "Pushing Daisies", created in the genre of Comedy drama, such a gift was given. Even as a child, ned discovered a wonderful skill. Once he touches a dead man, he comes to life. However, the boy is not Jesus Christ, who raised Lazarus. This miracle is the payment – if the character again in a minute touch busy, then immediately dies the other person. But if you touch it, temporarily alive is going back to the underworld.nnGrowing up, ned finds practical application to his gift. He touches the victims of violent crimes and quickly learns the name of the killer. Occupation not from pleasant, but, undoubtedly, useful. But one day fate catches him in a moral and ethical trap. Hero to revive a girl he knew and loved in childhood.

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