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The fashion of filming in 2014, the year was continued by the English channel, the BBC with their "Musketeers". The fact that it will not be careful and thorough transfer to the screens of the immortal novel by Dumas, and the project, as they say, based on", it becomes clear from the first collision of D'artagnan with the Musketeers. At first you are surprised by the reason which led to a duel, and then, having accepted purely entertaining purpose of series, you relax and enjoy new adventures of old familiar heroes.nnMusketeers here – not quite the personal "body guard" of Louis XIII. Rather, it is private investigators with the skills of special agents of his time. Therefore, each hour series-is a separate detective story with elements of action, which will be dashing chase, beautiful fights, smoky gunfights. And all this against the background of a handsome Paris with its light spirit and a touch of General playful frivolity.nnThe new series about the most famous four true friends is a pure adventure. Familiar from childhood images have become more dynamic, more adequate to modern perception. However, they remain committed to the honor, dignity, and the admiration of a Lovely lady.

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