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A well-known reporter and a popular TV presenter Nathan Miller is accustomed to the fact that all his plans are not just obtained, but also given easily. Since childhood, he was the center of the Universe and everyone loved him. That's only in the marriage to Nathan was not lucky – the wife is constantly pestered by his nagging and exhortation, spoiling all the buzz from the easy life. But our hero is not long going through, and quickly divorced.nnHowever, he does not advertise his divorce to his parents. After all, his desire-secretly from them to live a rampant life of a bachelor, outwardly remaining for mom and dad a faithful family man. To time helps Nathan to hide the fact divorce his adoring sister, Debbie. But all plans for a carefree life crumble when senior Millers also decide to break the bonds of marriage. It turns out that the family life of the hero's parents was full of squabbles.nnWhen parents run away, the father moves to the daughter, and mother stops at the son. Henceforth the quiet life of Nathan does not Shine. After all, his mother is a strong-willed and determined woman. She used that all around are obliged to obey implicitly. A mother yearns to help shiftless son, so he teaches his saving throws advice warns against possible errors. Nathan is ready, forgetting about plans for a bachelor life, to marry again. That's just unlikely it will be feasible as long as the parents do not reconcile.

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