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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
The creators of the action-Thriller “Elite squad” and criminal telehita Narco went from Colombia to Brazil, to tell a new scary story of human greed and insane lust for profit on the basis of the recent Grand corruption scandal, which, rising to the surface, revealed to the world the largest operation to money-laundering in history. Ordinary people go to cheap work, criminals invent new schemes of illegal enrichment, officials take bribes, the police conduct investigations – life in Brazil is moving on. The team of police agent Marco Ruffo deals with financial and tax crimes. Among the small fish they sometimes come across larger specimens, but the real predators, the key players of the criminal game, constantly elude responsibility, using connections, resources and bottomless cash flow. the Scheme works like a Swiss watch, there are billions of dollars stolen by unscrupulous corrupt officials from the state and the Brazilian people. In Swiss banks, as well as offshore accounts, because illegally withdrawn from oil companies Finance so much that scammers do not have enough imagination where to put them. Every time when agents are ready to make a breakthrough in the investigation, the criminals are one step ahead, leaving the investigation in the fools. But once there is a fatal mistake-a sheer stupidity, a worldly anecdotal case of drowned in the toilet phone, which, hiding in the sewer, opens the way to the police sewage involved in corruption colleagues and politicians from the high political offices. However, even in the most daring plans, investigators do not expect how huge the catch will be – thousands of arrests up to the top officials of the state and the local Forbes list.