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According to various estimates of scientists today from 5 to 15% of couples in the world can not conceive a child in a natural way. In the world of the future, according to the creators of the series "Lottery" this figure will grow to 100 %. The human population will face the threat of degeneration.nn2025. The last child was born five years ago. Since then, it is kept in the strictest secrecy and protected as the greatest value on Earth. Playgrounds all over the Earth are empty, kindergartens are closed as unnecessary. All the best scientific forces are devoted to solving this problem. And so, one day the President of the United States in his solemn address to the nation declares: "Dear Americans. We have lived in a bleak world for the past five years. But now we have a silver lining. Our scientists were able to fertilize a number of eggs."nnThe only problem is that there are only 100 fertilized eggs. Who can be entrusted with the right to bear not just embryos, but the hope for the continuation of the human race? The authorities decide that this should be carried out by a national lottery among women able to bear children. Around this ambiguous project immediately begin to burn serious passions.

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