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The detention of a major mafia with shots, cool guys, but under the flashes of journalistic cameras is a bright final stage of a long, painstaking and unknown to the public work. Those who actually calculates dangerous criminals and makes it possible to catch them always remain in the shadows. About them – an action-Packed series"the Interceptor".nnThe main character of the series, Marcus Ashton, works at the British customs. This service is undoubtedly important for state security, but in the eyes of many is not so heroic. But this is only at first glance. Not coincidentally, it was under the guise of custom, a new and completely secret division "Alpha Project". Employees are recruited not only for their professionalism – exceptional dedication is valued here no less.nnIs such selection, and ash. He and his colleagues are at war with the most dangerous criminals in Britain and do not always traditional methods. They are like long hunters stalk their prey. So their "customers" employees "alpha project" know almost more than ourselves. They know which of the bandits in development is cheating on his wife, and with whom

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