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  • Genres:
  • Drama
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The third season will continue to talk about how our descendants will actually live. They smartly mastered the technology and now can quickly move across the universe and subdue it. They even like this approach to life and they think that they should get a few more planets. But they are so frivolously colonized the solar system, it seemed the enemy wasn't sleeping either. On the planet began to disappear people and the first thing that caught the eye of the lead investigation was a strange ship. Cost to approach him as it became clear that there is no one on it, but after that for those who visited it was followed by death. after the disappearance of Joey Mao detective Miller decides to personally deal with everything that has just happened in those parts. Pretty quickly she finds the very ship that brought humanity a lot of trouble. She needed to learn more about it, she understands that it has become part of the global conspiracy and now she just will not be allowed to stay alive. If people can not solve all the mysteries of humanity as soon as possible, they will not have a single chance of salvation. Only that's who needed to lead a similar game and why people decided to attack so cleverly, did they do what they should not have and angered one of the alien races?

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