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There is a whole genre of series - " Talking about the past." The best representatives of this direction take one side of the past,and begin to plow it up and down. The author and inspirer of the series "the Angry Video Game Nerd" chose the field of video games of the 90s of the past, so inevitably and in one direction time flows, centuries. And on the field James is a nerd who actually steers.nnIt was the time of the dandy and Sega set-top boxes. Nobody then had heard of the PlayStation and DreamCast. Graphics then was miserable, but no one paid attention to it – because it contributed to the development of imagination! But the scenario videosgrati James, there are questions. And a lot of them. Why, - he asks, - a game for younger students can not pass even an experienced adult gamer.nnAnd such questions to the creators of the past games he has a lot. Each issue of" the Angry Video Game Nerd " guarantees one thing: people of a certain age can be nostalgic for the times of the former. And younger fans-feel the spirit of the 90s of the last century. In any case, gambling is a passion. And James, who put all his life on this, should listen. And possibly reconsider your view on video games of the childhood.

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