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Raymond Reddington, known in criminal circles by the nickname "Red", for a long time hiding from justice. This could go on, but one day he came to the FBI headquarters to surrender. According to him, he has similar interests with the FBI, because he also wants to fight against dangerous criminals and terrorists who create lawlessness and oppress civilians. Now he wants to help and cooperate, but with a specific agent. The choice of the perpetrator fell on Elizabeth keen, a young girl who recently started his new position. Elizabeth certainly wondered why Raymond was interested in her. She had a lot of questions, to which she received in response to the words that she was special. FBI agents found red's help valuable and timely, so they just couldn't give it up. Thanks to the help of this criminal, a dangerous terrorist was caught. On this cooperation with Raymond not ended. It turned out that he has a list, which stores the names of the most dangerous criminals. So that a dangerous bear only begins. Heroes have to push themselves on the path of danger, but for the sake of their goal, they are ready to go to great lengths.

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