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Leo's childhood as an orphan was spent in the slums of Marseille. He managed to get out of poverty and France, moving to America. Like many migrants, regardless of nationality, he became a taxi driver. The car Leo drives like a God. His ability to not remain without attention of criminals: the guy has helped the bandits, hiding from the crime scene, to get away from the police. For his complicity, he was still convicted and spent three years behind bars.nnWhen he was released, Leo returned to the taxation. One day his path crossed with the life path of Claire Sullivan. She serves as a detective in South Brooklyn, for her there are no brakes and she does not know how to drive a car. The lack of a partner is a big hindrance to her investigations. Therefore, having met Leo, she immediately offers him periodically becomes her driver in the most difficult professional cases. The guy likes the dangerous, but adrenaline-filled life of an assistant crazy COP, so he immediately agrees.nn"Taxi: South Brooklyn" is based on all parts of the cult film "taxi". The first shows his French TV channel TFI, but American channels vengeance advertise his. The Directors of this Comedy Thriller were the creators of "Transporter 3," Olivier megaton and "Perception" Steven Tolkin. And the role of Claire performs favorite Americans Kyler Lee-lexi herself from the popular series " Anatomy of passion."