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The TV series "Laura in the Kitchen" shows us that if you have not only talent, but also a good heart, you are able to cope with any life troubles. And if there are also some magical components, then nothing is scary. Although, simply not will, as, for example, the main leading character, Waist Parra.nnIt all started with the fact that Talia received from her grandmother Dolores, living in Miami, an unexpected message: the girl and her younger sister Julia will have to spend the summer with her. It turns out that the parents of the heroine died. When Talia arrives to her grandmother, it turns out that their famous restaurant "at Lola's" is closed. For girls this another blow. When she begins to understand what happened, it turns out that not the last role in closing the institutions has played Federico Puccinelli nicknamed "the Frenchman".nnHe is also engaged in the restaurant business and the popular "Lola" was for him always like a bone in the throat. Talia begins to fight injustice. After all, the opening of a family restaurant for her is the best memory of her parents. This will help her not only true friends and their own culinary skills. In the inheritance from the father she's got magic of spice, from which the most simple dish turn into a masterpiece.

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