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  • Genres:
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Once upon a time on a distant and beautiful planet krypton was born a pretty girl named Kara. The baby was a cousin of Superman himself and took over from his famous cousin inhuman strength and agility. The girl was born on the beautiful planet krypton, which was destroyed almost immediately after the birth of our heroine. After the death of his native planet, the young superhero found shelter on Earth, where she was adopted by ordinary people. In the new family the girl had a sister named after her. Alex took great care of her new sister, trying to make her life happier. The girls were friends and shared everything that happened in their lives. However, it soon became clear that for many years Alex worked for the government...Caret 24 years, and she works for one of the largest corporations in the city. The girl loves her job, loves to spend time with friends, but she did not even imagine what to expect in the near future. And in the near future, our heroine will save the planet, which became her home, from terrible danger. Will the newly appeared superhero be able to accept her difficult mission and save all who are dear to her? We wish you pleasant viewing!

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