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  • Genres:
  • Drama
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For many years, since the life of Rintaro Okabe has changed beyond recognition, there is no longer even a chance for relaxation. The main character of the show is already exhausted, trying to find a way to travel to the past in order to correct his mistake and prevent his own crime. The death of Kuris Makise, who died absolutely by accident when the hero decided to protect her from the girl's distraught father, worsened the already difficult situation. This arrangement destroyed the last spark of hope for happiness and future in Okabe. Having lost control of himself, the man rushed to his own daughter, but the murder suspect, who turned the course of history quite differently was Rintaro. Trying to rectify the situation, the key character has committed a number of crimes and murders, among which were now his family.nnCorrecting his past mistakes, the hero forced to die all the new people, and then this was repeated again and again. After some time, Okabe came to the conclusion that events can not be returned and his constant loss of loved ones leads only to new deaths. Watching all this constantly, the hero almost lost his mind, but still was able to pull himself together and decided to find another way to forget about the terrible memories. Then Rintaro decided to leave science and enter the life of a normal student. Time goes by, and even the hero of the series is already beginning to seem that the worst is behind: life is improving and maybe he will be able to live it without killing. But at this point in front of him there is a friend of the deceased Kurisa, who immediately brings a mess to the life of the suffering guy.nnBut not everything is so bad. Maho Hijazi makes an offer to the guy to use her method to once and for all to forget about the past. The fact that the girl is now working in the laboratory, where the tests of the new invention. Its main task is to preserve the memory of the individual, while projecting his personality within himself. If the experiment succeeds, they can make a simul

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