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It's been exactly a year since the main character happened strange, chilling incident. Captain Jack O'neill and his team were then on the planet Abydos during the local uprising. RA soldiers tried to win back the freedom of their people, but O'neill, obeying the orders of his superiors, ruthlessly suppressed the uprising. Jack's team has already got close to the military base of RA, and the outcome of the fight was almost solved, but then something unexpected happened. There was a monster destroying everything that only came across to it on a way. O'neill tried to stop the monster, but it didn't work. The terrible creature disappeared that day, but the hero remembered it forever. The threat, which Jack had to get back to Earth. And now before the main character is a Grand task-to find weapons and kill the monster. Series Stargate season 10 all series in a row to watch online for free in good quality.