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The events of the animated series "Rebels "fell on the period between the historical stages of Star wars, described in the third full-length episode" revenge of the Sith "and the fourth"New hope". It was a dark time for the Galaxy. Formed a decade and a half before the events of the Empire began to feel its strength. Her shadow had engulfed the world in the world. Imperial invaders have become capture distant civilization, setting its totalitarian power exploiting the local population and killing the Jedi.nnBut not everyone is ready to part with their freedom, even without taking the fight from the stormtroopers and fighters of the galactic Empire. A squad of brave men make up the team of the resistance ship "Ghost". In the series introduced new characters. Piloting a "Ghost" Hera, droid vehicle is the Chopper, for intelligence resisters meets Zeb. There is also a juvenile crook Ezra, a professional weapons expert Sabine and escaped from the terror of the Imperials towards the Jedi Cannan.nnEvil will have a new face on the show, too. To lead the operation to purge the Galaxy of the Jedi knights assigned to the Inquisitor. In appearance, he is somewhat similar to the villain who was in the "clone Wars": the same bald and with the same red lightsaber. In General, as expected, looks terrible.

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