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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
  • Mystery
Thirty years ago, a brutal murder took place in a small village. At the same time, the criminal behaved in a rather strange way, he released the best friend of the family, who was able to report him immediately, killed the couple, but left their baby alive. He was found lulling the baby, and then sent to prison. For a long time the girl who was the child, could not find the strength to return to his native land. When she finally decided to do it, then got into the epicenter of the strange incidents. Seemed together with its return resumed and killings. She could not imagine what is happening in the area, as she related who started to operate under the same scenario, that same killer who took the life most precious to her people. The girl decides that she needs to conduct her own investigation and find out what is really happening in the district, who is to blame for the fact that everything happened exactly why these people were victims... We need to find answers to so many questions, but no one will even tell you where to actually start. However, only one circumstance makes you look at this case very differently, and a lot at this point begins to become clear...

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