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Capitalist South Korea in comparison with the Communist North, it would seem, is a stronghold of democracy, freedom, honesty, equality, where the success of each depends solely on himself. But this front poster has an unsightly underside: officials are corrupt, in an effort to succeed, no one is bent by meanness and even the Commission of a crime. Fortunately, there is A city hunter who independently catches villains that they suffered retaliation.nnHis name is Lee Yun Seong. The young man from an early age taught various martial arts. And when he matured, he learned the shocking truth: the man whom he regarded as his own father, in fact, he is not even a relative. And Yun Seong he made a machine of revenge, which should find and punish the killers of the father of the young man. The only problem is that these five scumbags are now big bumps, and getting to them will not be easy.nnBut, to learn the truth of their origin Lee Yun Seong immediately sent to Seoul, where, thanks to their talents, cleverness and perseverance he even manages to get a job in government house – the Cheong WA Dae. So, the season of hunting for the killers of his father, and simultaneously all the other riffraff starts.

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