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  • Drama
In a small coastal town life seemed quiet and peaceful residents could enjoy the fact that in their area is extremely rare something happens. But at some point in the city there is a strange stranger. With its emergence there have been several strange events, after which no one managed to survive. Many people associate this with the appearance of a strange girl, but few can really understand how she is involved in everything. The local witch immediately puts forward his assumption about this, but here no one even thinks about how to believe her. Because people just don't believe in the existence of mermaids. However, it is worth remembering that all of them have long been too many rights have been declared to the sea and nature does not intend to forgive them so easily. The sea has already declared war on the people. And even an attempt to hide and not to go out at night does not give them peace, as the murders continue to occur. People are still dying and it seems to be unstoppable. No one knows how to make Serena calm down and go back to sea. It seems even the sorceress can't find the answers to all these questions. But what actually waits for all inhabitants of the town and when this girl will be sated and will recede?

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