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Any country with ancient history necessarily in the process of its historical development and lives an era of feudal fragmentation. This is when there is a war influential clans and each of the well-born nobles considers himself more worthy of the Supreme throne, than his neighbor. Like other wars, this ends sooner or later, but it takes a great man with a truly iron fist. Medieval Japan this man was Toyotomi Hideoshi.nnHe did a lot and shed rivers of blood to unite all Japanese lands into a single state. Finally, he almost managed to do it, and there was only the last enemy stronghold, the castle of Odawara, the protection of which and the adjoining lands of Kanto stood Lord HOJO – "lion of Sagami". With the support of Mitsunari Ishida, Naoe Katugo and other famous generals and all the noble men, Toyotomi stood against HOJO.nnA lesser role in the decisive battle was played by the brave warriors of Sanada brothers: a younger and hot Yukimura and already seasoned senior Nobuyuki battles. The joint efforts of the Odawara castle managed to win. But this did not mean that feudal strife was in the past. So, ahead of the brothers Sanada many military exploits.