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Among the Japanese girls spread a new hobby: card game WIXOSS-Steering. Fashion covers more and more teenagers. Not all cards are normal. There are a few special cards – LRIG. At first glance, they depict the usual female characters. But they have their own will.nnThere are a number of girls, so-called selectors, or "selectors", who are able to communicate with LRIG cards. They hear their voices and follow the instructions. Selectors arrange their own battles in a dimension that is not available to ordinary players. That girl who will win the final battle, will be able to fulfill their most cherished desire – a crystal dream or an ordinary girl's dream. However, if you lose three times in a row, the desire will never come true. The risk is high, but the bonus is incredibly tempting.nnOne such LRIG card is found by a girl named Ruko Kominato. She calls his discovery Tama and fights with other ubordinate. She is waiting for an incredible adventure, which will often threaten the girl this mortal danger. But apparently, she really has a cherished desire that is worth it all.

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