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Aresia-the most prestigious Academy spiritual direction. It accept only girls and only from noble families. In Arashi enrollment of Elementalists – magini who are able to make a "spiritual contract". To a certain point, it was believed that the contract with the spirits may sign the girl is pure nature and pure soul. However, there are no rules without exceptions in the world.nnA young man named Kamito Kazehaya falls in love with a pretty entrant of this Academy, Claire rogue. So happens, that he sees witnessed its session decision-a bath in the forest. At the same time, the appointed time of the conclusion of a contract with Claire designed her spirit. But it turns out that by chance this very contract is concluded by Camito. And this is a precedent: the first case in the history of Magin-elementalists.nnWhat should we do now? Kamito can not get rid of the spirit with which he has foolishly entered into a spiritual contract. The arecia Academy is considering how to accept a young man as one of its students, because there are only girls. Yes, Claire is so angry at him because he stole her personal spirit.