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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
The series tells the story of a simple young man, caught in a difficult situation. The fact is that Dylan, being a very nice guy and popular among girls, had a lot of relationships with different beauties.nnAfter some time, every single relationship break up, and Dylan once again began to seek a companion of life. Up to a certain point the main character did not feel the desire to communicate with ex-girlfriends, but soon the circumstances are such that he has no choice but to do it.nnSuch a circumstance was the diagnosis of a doctor who found the guy Chlamydia. This disease guy could easily pass on to his numerous sexual partners, which is very concerned about Dylan. Now he wants to warn all the girls with whom he had a close relationship, so they could not infect their new partners. Needless to say that this alignment of Affairs promises interesting solutions and reactions of people?

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