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Savannah, located within the state of Georgia, is considered one of the most paranormal places in the States. There are many places that still make up bad legends and stories, but one of the most remarkable is the huge mansion that is located on the outskirts of the city. All who previously lived in it, disappeared without a trace, and even the police could not find their traces, it's all created around this house an incredible shell of fear. None of the locals and a kilometer will not approach the mansion, never for any money, and even tourists visiting the city, after hearing stories, try to stay away from this place. After all, even if they do not believe in otherworldly forces, you never know what is happening in that house, so it is better to get around it and not to put your life in danger. However, the creators of the project "frightened celebrities" decided to ignore this rule and send to this mansion, at least about a dozen well-known personalities in all the country, who will compete in team trials, as well as pass individual tests. At stake is the amount of one hundred thousand dollars and only the most patient and fearless participant will be able to pick them up.

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