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Olivia-the main character of the American series Scandal not so long ago worked in the election campaign of the Senator, she did everything possible to Senator Grant won the election. But now she is forced to leave the team because of the love affair that arose between her and the Senator during the election race.

Now the heroine of the series is determined to open her own law office where everyone will do everything possible to protect the person who turn to them for help. It may even be necessary to act not quite according to the law. People quickly learn about this Agency, to the heroine of the series begin to address not only ordinary people, but also high-ranking officials who have something to hide.

the Team Olivia created is not trying to get them out of punishments, they are just doing their best to remove the ticklish moments in their difficult Affairs. People who come to Olivia for help can easily trust her with their secrets, they can be completely sure that no one will ever know about them.