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In the series rush hour 2016 it will be about one successful police officer. One of the city police departments in Los Angeles was lucky to have an investigator Carter in his staff. The man is eccentric, his mouth does not close, an endless stream of words pouring out of his mouth. However, he has to work in splendid isolation. Such self-confidence and some arrogance led to the fact that Carter has accumulated quite a large number of unsolved cases. In addition to the "capercaillie" with Carter constantly happen all sorts of strange cases, he gets involved in everything that promises trouble. Naturally, the years of service he earned a bad reputation and received an offensive nickname would-be policeman. Carter's always teetering on the verge of getting fired. But police Colonel decides to give her slave one last chance, and another. If you discover it will be the Carter on the shoulder, he will have to leave the detective's badge. the Main purpose of the new assignments of Carter – watching the detective by the name of Lee. He is still an employee of the Hong Kong branch, but from day to day should appear in the city of Angels. In America, Lee pursues his goals: to find and punish the bandits, who, in his opinion, are guilty of the death of his sister. The meeting between the two detectives was not cordial. However, over time, they still managed to agree!

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