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Hank Lawson is an excellent doctor working in the emergency Department. Once a man faces a difficult choice: he can save only one patient – an elderly or a teenager. Hank picks a teenager and thinks it's the right thing to do. But then it turns out that the old man was a wealthy Trustee and a well-funded hospital. The scandal played out, and the guy with the shame expelled. He sits without work, money is running out, the girl of his throws, unclear.nnTo support Hank, Evan's younger brother calls him for a weekend in the most prestigious area of new York, the Hamptons. Senior Loansone possible on this occasion to save the life of the local rich man. The inhabitants of the suburbs immediately offer a talented doctor to become their visiting doctor, to which he gladly agrees. Now the work of Lonson is on the backdrop of ocean and luxury mansions. Here he shows all his talent as a healer and just a resourceful person. It is not difficult to carry out an operation on a deserted island or make a microscope from what is currently at hand, if necessary.nnNot only because of the profession of the main characters, but also because of their unusual "Dear doctor" is sometimes compared to "Dr. House". But even so, Lawson is the light version of house. This series is more fun, in some ways, maybe even silly, but definitely cute.