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The action of the British-American historical series "Rome" falls on the 52nd year BC. After eight years of confrontation, Gaius Julius Caesar, commander and patrician with great ambitions, finally conquers Gaul. As a result of this military success, he intends to return to Rome with a shield and assert his rights to Supreme power. But, not all high-ranking Romans like these its purpose.nnFor example, the niece of Gaius Julius, eh, really not happy about the return of the uncle to the capital. For the time, that Caesar spent in combat campaigns, in Rome request a special order. A whole group of high-ranking citizens used to live in luxury, earning their own wealth at the expense of plebs. Gaius Julius, famous for justice, will not tolerate the continued oppression of the common people,and therefore just break the status quo.nnWhile Caesar with his victorious troops coming to Rome, the capital of the Empire was afoot a conspiracy. It involves a close friend of guy Julius, Pompey the Great. Against the background of these political games, two legionaries – Titus and Lucius decide to turn a risky adventure. If it works out, they'll be rich. Well, if not-the head will fall from their shoulders.

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