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Grace has a very dangerous and difficult profession – she is an undercover police officer. In his personal life it happens to tragedy – her son is killed by a random gang bullet. The police believe that this is a tragic accident and does not want to investigate what happened. But grace herself, having a lot of enemies, believes that it was a terrible revenge of criminals. That's just to dig to the truth she will have alone-colleagues will not help her.nnTo do this, the woman will have to make another introduction – the most dangerous of all. Grace's daughter and husband are not happy about this prospect. My husband generally believes that she has formed a harmful dependence on work. But only grace herself knows that it is vital to investigate the death of her son. Jimmy Laszlo, the local authority, is able to answer many of her questions. That's just first need to gain his trust, and, therefore, to provide an important service.nnThe current implementation is complicated by the fact that the police got a mole. Some traitor is leaking operational information to the mafia. From this secret life grace is in even greater danger. Just to survive, she has to find a corrupt COP and neutralize it. And the investigation into his son's death will largely depend on this.

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