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Complete TV Series Robot Chicken by Adult Swim. Seasons included: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 in high quality and low size. Click Scroll to download to select the season.

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The key characters of the story are gifted young people who do not like to spend time watching TV series or video games, considering it a waste of time. They are constantly engaged in the invention of various devices that should somehow facilitate the everyday life of people or Vice versa to make available some things that were not previously. Each of the main characters was noted for at least one invention, which managed to recognize and appreciate. For such as they annually spend large tournament, which will determine the most useful, versatile and useful invention. To win it is very prestigious, but in fact, and get into the ranks of its participants – this is a great achievement. After all, ordinary people are not allowed there. Even among the best of the best, a rigorous selection is carried out, during which many of the potential participants are eliminated. The organizers do not allow to participate those who are not able to surprise and present a really worthwhile product or thing. Because of this, most of the participants have long known each other in person, because they meet here is not the first year. In the center of the plot revolves a guy named Tantan, who has big plans for this year's tournament. The hero decided to assemble a drone with his own hands, but when he gets down to business, suddenly a charming girl named Xie appears in his life. From this moment everything starts to happen at odds with his plan, Tantan much of his free time with her, not even remembering about the tournament, here only the CoE met him for a reason and soon he will understand it.