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Ten exciting dramatic episodes of the new British Thriller will show beautiful actors, strong script, tightly wound affair, luxurious decoration, designer pieces, elegant lifestyle, elegant outfits, wealth in all its forms, and dizzying car chases and other elements of the criminal action in which was involved a naive heroine, considering what you pulled the lucky ticket. < br>the Tragedy on the yacht reveals to the wife of the multimillionaire the true face of the lost spouse - that made a fortune on criminal schemes, illegal frauds, and now cruelly paid for the criminal activity. A woman who suddenly turned from a bride to a widow finds herself in difficult circumstances, because her husband's death was not an accidental tragic episode, but an act of violence by an unknown powerful enemy. Maybe she's next on the list.Georgina, curator of the art gallery, believes that waited for the Prince. Constantine Clios is no longer young, had many love Affairs, was married, as evidenced by two spoiled adult children, but the groom is pretty, fabulously rich, noble, refined tastes in art. Where else can you find such an attentive, refined man, ready to support his beautiful wife in all endeavors, and a generous philanthropist, sponsoring the gallery, do not forget to shower your favorite woman with gifts and decorate the already gorgeous Villa of the newlyweds on the beach with new masterpieces. A beautiful fairy tale, a cloudless future, the roof of the world, a sweet life – dissipated like smoke along with the roar of a bomb planted by a sexy stranger on the yacht of Clios.Gina at this moment went to new York to take home just bought a picture of Malevich, and hubby, which, of course, is not an angel, was going on a romantic date with another beauty. The case, as we know, ends in murder, so the widow flies from America on all sails to find out the shocking truth about her unclean Prince, bad-smelling circumstances of his life and suspicious death. The billionaire who went to the light opened so many dark spots in his biography, where there was a place for unscrupulous financial machinations, strong ties with the mafia, illegal activities, that after his death, the cunning left his relatives only an endless source of trouble and the hard truth – all the luxurious atmosphere of the family of Clios illusion, deception, a magnificent facade on the Palace falling into the abyss. What a new day prepares who directed the rose-colored glasses the widow, after the murder (unless it was a clever move of the rich man perished, and this option should be kept in mind) is only one link in a long chain of upcoming Thriller drama.

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