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In the life of Matilda for a long time nothing was remarkable, moreover the girl seemed her life was quite calm and pleasant, and because she could not imagine that suddenly, her life can change absolutely everything what she used and what she liked. This happens at the moment when her mother decides to commit suicide. Girl and could not imagine that such a thing is possible, because everything was fine, her mom seemed happy. Or, in fact, something happened, something so terrible that the woman did not decide to share with anyone and thought that it would be better for her to just commit suicide. but Matilda was not satisfied with this, she wanted to know everything about her mother's past to find out what actually caused such an incredible act. Soon it becomes known that once upon a time in a remote place missing a small child and what happened to him then, no one knows until the end. Matilda is sure that it must have something to do with her mother and the secrets that have been kept in the family for so many years. But only if she was ready to know the whole truth? The girl herself is not completely sure that she will be able to cope with everything alone, and therefore her friend offers her help. But what really was waiting for the guys ahead and you will not regret if they that got involved in all this?

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