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This is the new American version of the Spanish series "Red bracelets". As in life, in this story coexist laughter and tears. Fate brought together several young people. One of them once heard, that for full-fledged groups in it should be necessarily six characters: the hero and his Deputy, able become leader in absence of first, girl, handsome, smart guy and man, which impossible replace to all other.nnIt just so happened that it was necessary to form such a team in the hospital. All participants are teenagers who have been in the hospital for a long time. To identify themselves, they come up with a distinctive sign – a red bracelet. This is a kind of amulet that helps participants stay together.nnOrganized, "red bracelets" begin to help each other in the main task for each – the cure of a serious disease. If they were in a different situation, they would hardly be together. But now they Strugavets: riding in wheelchairs, painting the dull walls of the chambers, staged a mass dance – in short, strongly disturb mode is sick, but would not feel alienated and detached from normal life. And they believe that everyone will be cured and will always be together.

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