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The plot of the " Tyrant "could have taken place a couple of years ago in any of the middle East countries, where then raged"Arab spring". That is, people's unrest unfolded, whether inspired by external forces, or really initiated by the discontent of the population. In this series, this is the average country in the middle East, which is the sole right of natural despot, styranowski residents to the point that they dream of joining their country of American democracy.nnAt this time, the country comes Bassam al fayeed – the son of the despot. 20 years ago, he did not agree with the tyrannical dad, fled to the United States, where he got an American wife, gave birth to two freedom-loving children. And now, Bassam, after twenty years of exile returned to their Homeland. Not because father from the bottom for the day Turnu from his throne, and because he was invited to his wedding the nephew.nnWith the arrival of al fayeed Jr., the political and social situation in the country is heating up even more. People are ready to organize a revolution at any time. For luck Bassam his father-tyrant dies himself, and he was offered to take the post of head of the country. The political order of this series is visible to the naked eye. It is not surprising that as performers attracted the most skilled persons So, the Director of "Tyrant" David Yates removed before "potters".

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