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Progress is developing so rapidly that soon the story of the love of man and robot may well become an everyday reality. Of course, the public will not immediately accept the new phenomenon, so the tragedy in the spirit of Romeo and cyber-Juliet we provided in the future. And while this hasn't happened, his imagination on this subject I suggest the creators of the Japanese series of the anime "Plastic Memories".nnThe series presents a world quite close to the future, but in which everyone is used to androids, looks no different from us. Especially in their development has succeeded Corporation SA Corp. Her latest addition is gift androids. The area of the emotions from gifti crafted so that they seem already very much alive people. And yet these are mechanisms that tend to break down, they have a limited service life... nnIn the Department of SA Corp's opinion zaglushiny or obsolete androids works TSUKASA Mizugaki. Ironically, my partner gave him Ayla – giftig. First, the young man remembers that his colleague is an Android. But then romantic feelings for Kyle covers it so that the voice of reason is not heard. What will end this story, doomed only to suffering in advance?

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